MDN featured in new MSN Money article, “How You Can Live Rent Free” as a caretaker, resident manager or workamper.


From 100% financing with fixed-rate mortgages to a state-tax exemption for artists, 12 cities across the U.S. are looking to revamp and revive their communities by creating a thriving arts scene with affordable homes for creative types. Paducah, KY is at the forefront of this movement with an already successful artist relocation program, with similar efforts underway in Illinois, Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Blogger Angelia Miller featured my stint at bullfighting school as a “Wildest Moment” post on her Diva Maverick Mavens site, dedicated to “a new breed of women who are feisty, non-conformists, adventure-seeking, adrenaline-high entrepreneurs. These women climb mountains, break world records, start businesses in foreign countries without a clue as to how to get started, own and operate high octane businesses, race yachts, motorcycles, and cars, skydive, deep sea dive, fly aircraft, fire-dance and etc. These women live a life of no excuses, full- throttle passion. They are the movers, dream-catchers and shakers among us. In their own words, you will read about the secrets that unlocked their successes and launched their businesses and their dreams…”

MDN featured in new travel article on MSNBC on living the nomadic lifestyle.

How many times have you gone on a much-needed vacation, only to return home more exhausted than before? If you’ve been thinking that you need a different sort of getaway this year, one that not only changes your venue but potentially your perspective as well, the seclusion and serenity of a spiritual retreat can provide a refreshing – and healing – alternative.

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Lead travel feature on Annapolis Valley wine country for Women & Wine.

“An easy one-hour drive from Halifax, the scenic Annapolis Valley is on the verge of exploding as a Canadian wine destination, with many large vineyards already in existence. In addition, two new wineries opened in 2008 with expectations for more in the near future, which will help enhance the already burgeoning ‘wine trail.’ We toured three of these award-winning wineries during our trip to Annapolis Valley, which are sure to top any wine lovers’ future must-visit list.”

If you relocated to take a new job, you can — and should — deduct your expenses, if you pass these two IRS tests:

  • Your new job must be at least 50 miles farther from your old home than your previous job was. If you didn’t have a previous job, your new one must be at least 50 miles from your old home.
  • If you’re an employee, you must work full-time for at least 39 weeks during the 12 months after you arrive in the general area of your new job. If you’re self-employed, you have to work full-time for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months and 78 weeks during the first 24 months.

The good news? Fuel, moving truck and accommodations while on the road can typically be deducted, but food and personal expenses cannot. Moving deductions can only be claimed one time per tax year.

(Here comes the disclaimer: Always double-check the particulars with your favorite tax professional).