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How many times have you gone on a much-needed vacation, only to return home more exhausted than before? If you’ve been thinking that you need a different sort of getaway this year, one that not only changes your venue but potentially your perspective as well, the seclusion and serenity of a spiritual retreat can provide a refreshing – and healing – alternative.



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Lead travel feature on Annapolis Valley wine country for Women & Wine.

“An easy one-hour drive from Halifax, the scenic Annapolis Valley is on the verge of exploding as a Canadian wine destination, with many large vineyards already in existence. In addition, two new wineries opened in 2008 with expectations for more in the near future, which will help enhance the already burgeoning ‘wine trail.’ We toured three of these award-winning wineries during our trip to Annapolis Valley, which are sure to top any wine lovers’ future must-visit list.”

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Nothing is more depressing than a blog that hasn’t been updated for TWO YEARS. In spite of my best intentions, time has indeed slipped away with nary a new post. However, in that seemingly short timeframe, we have positioned ourselves as experienced caretakers, successfully completing a job in Texas for 8 months & now living and working in midcoast Maine since July 2007.
What have I learned about property caretaking and being paid to travel? Plenty. If you’re an aspiring vagabond, stay tuned…and hopefully, you can benefit from our trials (and errors) of a life lived on the road.

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