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MDN mentioned in new property caretaking article on the MSN Real Estate channel.

“They do it because they love living in a beautiful place rent-free, meeting new people or waking up where they work. We’re talking about caretakers, the people who look after someone else’s property while living there themselves. It might be an inn at “a tropical paradise” in Hawaii. Or an old ranch in Oklahoma rich with history. Or a historic marina in Oregon, where the caretakers live in a floating house.

How do caretakers land their jobs?


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New Casting Call via HARO (Help a Reporter):

The Travel Channel and Leopard Films USA, producers of hit shows such as “House Hunters International,” is looking to cast couples ages 30-50 (with kids and without) who are planning to take a vacation to the US Virgin Islands in February.

By participating in this show, you’ll be able to test out 3 different kinds of ways of experiencing one of these locales. Our expert tour guide will be taking you around to different hotels, accommodations and resorts while explaining the pros and cons of each so that you can eventually select your favorite option and head off on your dream vacation!

Apply to Danielle Gretz at Travel Channel – query-1rxj@helpareporter.net – by 1/2/12 with the following information:

-Contact numbers (home, cell, work)
-Location (city and state)
-Please include photos of everyone going on vacation
-Who you’ll be traveling with (kids, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend) as well as their names and ages

-Why do you want to go to one of these places?
-Have you ever been to before?
-Do you like to chill by the pool, surf in the ocean, go on adventures, lay by the beach, go sightsteeing, party, etc.?
-Do the people you’re going with like to do different things than you? Is there ever any conflict?
-What is your max budget for this trip?
-How do you think The Travel Channel could help you and your family/partner have your dream vacation?


If you’re interested in learning about similar future opportunities or getting free PR for your business or services, there’s no better resource than HARO/Help a Reporter. Journalists are always in need of experts and sources — sign up for HARO’s free 3x daily newsletter to see the latest news trends in your industry. Peter Shankman is a network marketing genius.

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If you have a few months to spare, working a temporary or seasonal job at a national park is a chance to get up-close-and-personal with some of the country’s most scenic natural beauty. Most provide housing, but sparse pay. From Park Ranger to Fire Tower Lookout, the jobs are as varied as the locations.

Sound interesting? Here’s 7 sites to check out:

To meet the needs of visitors and help manage and protect park resources, the National Park Service hires approximately 10,000 temporary and seasonal employees annually.

Coolworks and About.com have compiled a listing of the best National Park jobs, from Mount Rushmore to The Grand Canyon, plus other useful information to help you with your job search.

A+ Summer Jobs is aimed at recent college graduates. Requires free membership to access employer info.

Also geared toward students is the SCA, or Student Conservation Association. Interns are hired to protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces in all 50 states.

Yellowstone National Park hires about 3,500 seasonal employees each year from all 50 states and 35 countries around the globe.

Interested in cultural preservation? The Preservation Directory lists opportunities in historic preservation, building restoration, museum employment, architecture, urban planning, and other related fields.

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Perhaps Janis Joplin said it best: Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. While there have always been people who, when handed a pile of lemons find a way to make lemonade, this recession is proving that we may indeed be a nation of lemonade-makers.

The unspoken motto: Make unemployment, “funemployment.”

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How six professionals are changing what they do — or how they do it — to get by in this economy.

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MDN featured in new MSN Money article, “How You Can Live Rent Free” as a caretaker, resident manager or workamper.

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From 100% financing with fixed-rate mortgages to a state-tax exemption for artists, 12 cities across the U.S. are looking to revamp and revive their communities by creating a thriving arts scene with affordable homes for creative types. Paducah, KY is at the forefront of this movement with an already successful artist relocation program, with similar efforts underway in Illinois, Rhode Island, Florida, New Jersey, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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