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So, we’re finally making good on our repeated threats (typically generated by a slightly intoxicated state) to: Start traveling extensively as a way of life! Work our way around the world! Take this job and SHOVE IT — we would be 9-to-5 wage slaves no more.

Yessireee, I’d toiled away in the thankless corporate editorial world for 12+ years, then freelanced for 5 on top of that, churning out shiny copy that made other folks a fair chunk of change (but not myself, natch), and I’d finally…just…had it. I’d also had it with watching D work WAY too hard out in the unrelentingly freezing rain. The time had come to take back our lives.

It all made perfect sense, especially when traveling was what we lived for anyway. We’d made our big announcement after landing our first caretaking job out in Hill Country, Texas on a 150-acre ranch. As I understood things, we would get paid decently to keep the place up (and otherwise be “living on easy street” as my stepbrother put it) in a fairly large, separate caretakers’ house with satellite Internet and all the bills paid. WAHOOOOOO. This way, I figured I’d be able to worry less about bringing home the freelance bacon and finally get to work on those fantastic ideas that had been rolling around in my big ‘ol head for far too long. 

However, true to form, all went swimmingly until moving day; then, the panic set in: Will this really work or will I wind up pushing a shopping cart around eating beans out of a can with my fingers? What the hell are we thinking moving from beautiful, progressive Portland to the middle of nowhere in Bush country? But more importantly, would we ever have great coffee or microbrew again?

Suddenly, the Brave New World had turned into Green Acres.


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